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Can't-Miss Facts

  • Inshur auto insurance is rideshare coverage for drivers in New York City
  • Coverage meets the TLC requirements for rideshare drivers
  • Inshur doesn’t have great BBB or app ratings

Rideshare drivers looking for automobile insurance in New York City should check out Inshur. Inshur auto insurance meets TLC requirements and is quick and convenient.

However, there are a lot of options for rideshare coverage in NYC. Before you buy Inshur auto insurance, shop around to see which company can offer you the best coverage with low rates.

Keep reading our Inshur auto insurance review to learn more. Enter your ZIP code to compare free auto insurance quotes from companies in your area.

What is Inshur auto insurance?

Although Inshur is based in the U.K., it’s relatively new to the U.S. auto insurance market.

Inshur is a completely digital company that offers rideshare insurance only in New York City. Because the company is digital, drivers must do everything through the app, including getting an Inshur auto insurance quote and accessing their policy.

Although Inshur offers coverage to all rideshare drivers, they must have an Uber login to access the app. Drivers also have to be at least 21 years old and have a car that seats no more than seven people.

Inshur coverage meets the New York Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) requirements for rideshare drivers. The TLC regulates all for-hire transportation in the city. 

All rideshare drivers must have a TLC license and auto insurance that meets specific requirements. Since the TLC regulates transportation, passengers can be confident no matter which taxi or rideshare they use.

Inshur is also the first company that allows drivers to skip the long process normally needed to get TLC insurance. Because drivers can get immediate quotes and quick coverage, Inshur is the convenient choice for rideshare insurance.

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What are Inshur’s auto insurance rates?

While Inshur auto insurance rates vary, most rates are between $250-$830 a month. 

Many factors are used to determine rates. Age, driving record, and how long the driver has been with a rideshare company are all used to calculate rates. Your claims history, police record, and any additional training you’ve had are also used to calculate TLC insurance rates.

However, your driving record is one of the most significant factors used to determine rates.

Take a look at this table to get an idea of how much your driving record affects your rates. It shows average annual rates from top companies.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates Based on Driving History
CompanyAverage Annual Rates with Clean RecordAverage Annual Rates with 1 AccidentAverage Annual Rates with 1 DUIAverage Annual Rates with 1 Speeding Violation
American Family$2,693.61$3,722.75$4,330.24$3,025.74
Liberty Mutual$4,774.30$6,204.78$7,613.48$5,701.26
State Farm$2,821.18$3,396.01$3,636.80$3,186.01

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You can see that accidents, tickets, and DUIs can greatly increase your rates. This is also true for rideshare insurance.

Once you find out your rates, you can choose the pay either upfront or in installments with a debit or credit card.

If you choose to make payments, you will have to put down a 15%-30% deposit. The remainder is broken up into 10 monthly payments.

There are also no Inshur auto insurance discounts. However, drivers can get a $25 gift card for referrals.

What auto insurance coverages does Inshur offer?

Although Inshur only offers rideshare coverage, the insurance does extend to personal use of your vehicle. This means rideshare drivers don’t have to carry two different policies.

Inshur insurance meets TLC coverage requirements as well. This table shows you the amount of coverage a rideshare driver has to carry.

TLC Auto Insurance Coverage
CoverageMinimum Coverage AmountRequired?
Liability coverage per person$100,000Mandatory
Liability coverage per person$300,000Mandatory
Personal injury protection$200,000Mandatory
Property damage$10,000Mandatory
Collision protectionOptionalOptional

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Although these coverage amounts will let you legally drive in NYC, it doesn’t include coverage for your vehicle.

Consider adding collision and comprehensive coverages so that you aren’t left paying out-of-pocket for repairs to your car.

Drivers should consider adding collision and comprehensive coverages if:

  • You lease a car or have a car loan. Most lenders will require you to carry full coverage on the vehicle.
  • You have a newer or expensive car. Repair and replacement costs on those vehicles are very expensive.
  • You can’t afford to pay more than your deductible for repairs.

In addition to coverage requirements, the TLC also has vehicle requirements for rideshare drivers. For example, a vehicle must be clean, in good repair, and not have any visible branding.

How do you cancel Inshur auto insurance?

Although Inshur doesn’t list any information on how to cancel your coverage, there are some basic steps to follow, no matter what your insurance company is.

Steps to canceling coverage include:

  • Find out when your Inshur auto insurance policy ends and if there is a fee for canceling early.
  • Shop around for new coverage. Many insurance companies offer TLC coverage, but most of them require a lengthy process to get coverage started.
  • Begin your new auto insurance. Finalize your policy once you make your decision on your company.
  • Let Inshur know you’re leaving. You will need your policy number and the date you want coverage to end.

It’s very important that you begin your new coverage before your Inshur policy ends to avoid a lapse in insurance. Driving without valid insurance will cost you time and money.

How do you file an auto insurance claim with Inshur?

Although Inshur depends heavily on its app, you can’t actually file a claim through it. However, you can chat with customer service in the app to start the claims process.

Your claim process will even faster if you have a Nexar dashcam. Once the device is registered with Inshur, a video of the accident can be automatically sent to Inshur, opening the claim.

Inshur tries to complete the claims process in about a week, but timing will vary by the driver and specific accidents.

Drivers should also keep in mind that filing an accident claim can cause your rates to increase. Before you file the claim, figure out if it makes better financial sense to pay for the damages yourself.

What are the Inshur auto insurance ratings?

The Inshur car insurance company’s ratings are a mixed bag. Since Inshur hasn’t been in the U.S. very long, it’s not fully rated, and the ratings that do exist aren’t all that great.

A.M. Best rates the financial stability of companies, and Inshur hasn’t earned a rating yet. However, its underwriter Clear Blue has received an A- rating which shows an excellent ability to meet obligations.

When it comes to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Inshur received an F rating for customer interaction. The low rating is mainly due to the company not responding to complaints.

App ratings are also very important since drivers have to use it for everything. While Inshur scored a 4.7/5 in the Apple App Store, users only gave it a 3.3/5 in the Google Play Store.

Inshur Auto Insurance: The Bottom Line

Since Inshur only offers rideshare coverage, drivers can’t bundle policies. However, the rideshare coverage does extend to personal use of the vehicle, meaning drivers don’t have to have a separate policy.

Although it’s possible to find affordable Inshur auto insurance, ratings aren’t impressive. Compare rates and ratings from multiple companies to find your best deal.

We hope you’ve learned all you need to know about Inshur car insurance. Before you leave, enter your ZIP code to compare quotes from auto insurance companies near you for free.