Homeowners Insurance Discounts

The home insurance industry, much like any other industry, is competitive. It’s highly likely that your insurance provider, in order to attract more business, may be willing to offer some nice discounts in exchange for your patronage. Below are some common types of discounts you can expect. Be sure to ask your insurance agent about these and more while you are shopping around for your policy:

Get Big Savings With These Major Discounts

There are a few discounts which are pretty standard across the entire insurance industry. These discounts are not only popular, but they can save you a ton of money if you qualify for as many of them as you can get.


The two most commonly bundled types of insurance are homeowners insurance and car insurance. This can save you money not just on your home insurance premiums, but also on your automotive insurance premiums, too. Some companies will offer you as much as a 25% discount off your homeowners insurance premium, in addition to a 35% discount off your auto insurance. The only catch is that all of your bundled policies have to be insured through the same company.

Homeowners Insurance Bundling DiscountsLegend: Average Annual Premium Bundling DiscountFlorida Connecticut Oklahoma Colorado Louisiana150 300 450 600 750 900 1050 1200 1350$1471 $1103$1329 $997$1413 $1060$1298 $974$1391 $1043

Claims Free

Sometimes known as a “Zero Claims” discount, you can save up to 20% off your annual premium if you don’t have a recent history of filing any insurance claims. It can certainly pay to be a responsible homeowner and driver!

Homeowners Insurance DiscountsLegend: Average Annual Premium Bundling Discount Bundling + Zero Claims DiscountFlorida Connecticut Oklahoma Colorado Louisiana150 300 450 600 750 900 1050 1200 1350$1471 $1103 $883$1329 $997 $797$1413 $1060 $848$1298 $974 $779$1391 $1043 $835

Non-Smoker Discount

While it’s true that fewer and fewer people are active smokers these days, cigarettes are still one of the most common causes of house fires today. So if you don’t smoke, and if nobody in your family smokes, you may be in for some decent savings. However, offering this discount may be on the decline in certain states. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent about the non-smoking discount, and how much it could save you. If your insurer honors this particular discount, you could save between 2% – 15% off your premium.

Non-Smoker PremiumsLegend: 2% Savings 5% Savings 15% SavingsFlorida Connecticut Oklahoma Colorado Louisiana150 300 450 600 750 900 1050 1200 1350$1442 $1397 $1250$1302 $1263 $1130$1385 $1342 $1201$1272 $1233 $1103$1363 $1321 $1182

Ways to Save with Minor Discounts

In addition to major discounts like the ones mentioned above, there are many companies out there willing to tailor your policy and any available discounts to your unique life situation. Below are just a few examples – it’ll be up to you to find out what specific, unusual discounts your provider might be willing to offer. And doing that detective work can literally pay off!

  • Armed services discount – many companies offer discounts for active duty soldiers, retired military personnel, or for simply having a military veteran in your immediate family.
  • Gated community discount – living in a gated community can help keep the riffraff out, and your personal property located safe and secure in your home where it belongs. They also reduce the likelihood of homeowners filing theft claims.
  • New wiring discount – another common source of housefires stems from old, faulty electrical wiring. Hiring a contractor and making sure your wiring is in good working order (or getting it replaced if it isn’t) can also yield some discount savings.
  • Impact-resistant roofing discount – if you live in an area where wind and hailstorms are a common occurrence, then making sure you have a sturdy roof is essential to keeping your home in good shape. And it can save you money, too.
  • HOA discounts – Homeowners Associations serve two important functions. For one, they help neighbors keep an eye on each other and reduce the likelihood of suspicious activity, like robberies, from happening in your community. They also impose certain housing ordinances which, if left unchecked, could cause severe property damage to your home.
  • Mature homeowner discount – Many good things come with age, and financial discounts are one of them. Since older homeowners are less likely to throw wild parties or have liability claims due to accidents, their lowered financial risk yields them greater savings.
  • High-tech household discount – From advanced burglar and smoke alarms to monitoring systems for electricity and water uses, a technologically advanced home is much less vulnerable to break ins, electrical fires, and water damage. And this lowered risk can get you a nice discount.
  • Security devices discount – Even if you’re not a big techno-geek, any simple alarm system can help you get a discount for reducing your risk of theft. This also includes having deadbolt locks on all your external doors.
  • Fire safety devices – Sometimes this is a stand-alone discount, and sometimes it is included with a security devices discount. Either way, fires can cause expensive damage; and if you have a working fire alarm, then you’re lowering your risk of filing a claim. You may be able to beef up this discount even further if you have fire extinguishers and/or a sprinkler system in your home.
  • New parts discounts – whether it’s a new roof, new plumbing, or a new heating/cooling system, you’re much less likely to file a claim than you would be with an older roof, pipes, or a heating/cooling system. You may be eligible for a separate discount for each renovated item.

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