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BMW 5Series car auto insurance quotesBMW’s are known for their excellent performance and handling, but the 5 series is known for its luxury. Unfortunately along with luxury come the associated BMW 5 Series insurance costs. Insurance costs for a brand new 5 series will generally be higher insurance costs for the average car. Though don’t despair, there are a variety of things that insurers take a look at when deciding on your monthly premium. Read on for possible ways to lower your monthly costs.

BMW 5 Series: Insurance Costs

Insurance costs are a byproduct of risk. If you are considered risky to insure, then your premiums will go up accordingly. This is why having a pristine driving record can go a very long way towards getting you the best rates. The fewer claims you end up filing, the less the insurance company has to payout in cash. This translates into savings for you.

Even your credit score can help you out. Generally it is a good measure of how responsible you are with your finances. A responsible person will likely also be a responsible driver.
Lastly, of course, shopping around can help you save. Don’t stick to the first quote you get. Research and get the rate that best fits your needs. Also, carefully weigh which levels of coverage are necessary and which levels of coverage are simply desirable.

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BMW 5 Series: Reviews and Ratings

The 5 series is the midsize sports sedan for BMW’s car lineup. It boasts plentiful interior space, as well as an adequate mix of performance and luxury. Past generation 5 series cars came available as a wagon, but now BMW has discontinued that. Only sedans are being produced at this time.

This car comes equipped with a standard six cylinder engine, though V8 engines are certainly an optional feature. Another fun optional feature for driving enthusiasts is the all-wheel drive option; 5 series sedans are normally rear-wheel drive.

BMW 5 Series: Safety Ratings

Safety features factor into insurance costs. The more safety features a car has, the better it protects you. This means fewer costs to the insurance company in the event of an accident.
In the event of a crash, your 5 series has a nice repertoire of safety features. Front, side, and even head airbags are a standard in this vehicle. It even has a crash response system that will notify emergency services if a crash occurs.

It also has other features like: monitors that track tire pressure, anti-lock brakes, and traction control among others.

BMW 5 Series: Awards

The 5 series boasts an impressive 6 year record on Car and Driver magazine’s top ten for six consecutive years. It was also featured in Motor Trend’s “Import Car of the Year” in 1997 as well. JB car pages gave the 5 series a whopping 4.5 stars rating as well

BMW 5 Series Insurance: Quotes

Let’s get started then. If you enter your zip code, you can start obtaining quotes. Get the best rates for your 5 series sedan, today.

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