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The Ohio-based Progressive Insurance Company is one of the USA’s biggest car insurers, and this year, 2012, the company has celebrated 75 years in business. Progressive employs more than 25,000 people in almost 450 offices around the country, and has over 10 million policies currently in force. If you are wondering whether to insure with this company, you will want to see a Progressive Insurance review to help you decide if it is right for you.

Progressive Insurance Products and Services

Progressive operates across a wide variety of insurance sectors, including life insurance, homeowners insurance and health insurance, but it is auto insurance for which they are best known. They provide a very wide range of coverage options, which can protect you against virtually every possible contingency. These include coverage for physical injury and property damage, damage caused by uninsured and under insured motorists, and comprehensive and collision coverage. A unique feature of their comprehensive and collision policy is pet injury coverage, which is added for no extra charge. If you are involved in an accident in which a cat or dog in the car is injured, this coverage pays up to $1,000 for vet bills.

How Progressive Insurance is Different

One of your main reasons for looking for a Progressive Insurance review is probably to find out what distinguishes this company from other auto insurance companies. One feature which marks them out from other companies is the number of discounts they offer, and possibly the most remarkable of these is their accident forgiveness discount. This means that, if you remain free of accidents for three consecutive years after taking out a policy with Progressive, your rates will not rise if you have an accident after this period, even if the accident is your fault. (This only applies to the first accident.) This is a discount which is virtually unique to Progressive, but they do offer plenty of others as well, including one simply for owning property, such as a house, mobile home, or condo. You can also receive a discount for e-signing your documents when buying online, or for paying up front in full, rather than by installments.

Progressive Snapshot Device

However, probably the best discount, and the one for which Progressive is best known, is the one you get by using their revolutionary Snapshot program. Snapshot is a scheme whereby you plug a device into the diagnostic port in your car’s dashboard, and this allows Progressive to monitor your driving habits. Three factors are considered, the first being the time of day you drive, with the hours between midnight and 4 a.m. regarded as the least desirable. The second factor is your level of mileage, and the third is your braking behavior――that is, how many times per mile you slam hard on the brakes. Statistics show that these are the three factors that contribute most to high-risk driving.

Progressive Snapshot Discount

When you start using Snapshot, you are given your personal Snapshot page, where you can log in to monitor your driving score and find out the discounts you are earning. Progressive call this “usage-based insurance,” on the principle that higher-risk drivers should not be subsidized by lower-risk drivers. A further benefit, of course, is that it helps you improve your driving behavior.

If, after reading a Progressive Insurance review, you decide that this is the right company for you, there are several ways in which you can sign up. You can register online or on the phone, or you can talk to one of the many independent brokers or agents, who can help to answer your questions. With so many unique features, and such a high standard of customer service, Progressive is likely to prove a very good choice.

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