Protecting several automobiles at once may additionally decrease your premiums (when compared to insuring them on separate policies, that is). The multi-car discount is helpful both for you as well as your insurance provider in many different ways. Should you be eligible for one (and it’s fairly simple: all you need is one or more vehicles which part at your residence every night), it might be a good idea to ask your insurance agent about it.

Is a Multi-Car Discount Right for You?

It is possible to obtain special discounts from your insurance provider if you have one or more vehicles on a single car insurance policy. You may cover every single automobile which is owned and operated by anyone/everyone living in your residence using your insurance company, which may produce discount rates on your standard premiums with your provider.

Multi-Car Discount Auto Insurance Legend: 2015 Honda Accord 2012 Kia Rio Two Cars Together Total Monthly Savings California Florida New York Illinois Texas 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 $47 $47 $68 $26 $100 $114 $170 $44 $64 $67 $97 $34 $22 $26 $35 $13 $122 $101 $171 $52

For insurance companies, offering this discount just makes sense; it cuts down on the time and paperwork it takes for them to do business, and it encourages customers to keep doing business with them over the long term. It also simplifies life for you, the insurance customer, to maintain several different policies with the same company instead of having to deal with a different agent for each and every vehicle you need insured.

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The multi-car discount insurance generally applies to all automobiles operated by individuals living at a shared residence. This usually includes spouses, too; but it doesn’t stop there. Any other relatives, children, or close friends who live with you can also get themselves and their vehicles covered under a joint policy. It is not required for all of the motor vehicles to be registered with the exact same individual. Each and every motorist in your residence may have one (or maybe more than one) vehicle registered with them.

This multiple car insurance discount can be especially beneficial for those who have a teenage driver. Covering adolescents is always costly, but incorporating your teen and their car or truck with your multi car discount usually takes a considerable amount of the impact from this.

Savings with Multiple Drivers Legend: Mom's Car Dad's Car Teenage Driver Total (Separate) Total With Multi-Car Discount Florida Illinois New York Texas California 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 $100 $114 $181 $395 $252 $22 $26 $67 $115 $62 $64 $67 $147 $278 $153 $122 $101 $277 $500 $258 $47 $47 $143 $237 $148

What to Consider When Purchasing a Multiple Car Insurance

Not all vehicles can be covered by a multiple-car insurance policy. Classic cars, commercial vehicles, and/or kit cars may need their own unique policy. You’ll need to contact your insurance company to see which vehicles they are willing to cover. If they only offer insurance products for regular automobiles, you may have to get coverage from a niche company who specializes in your unique vehicle needs.

An Umbrella policy may be useful if you have many vehicles to cover. Umbrella policies increase your liability coverage up to one million dollars. Also, if you are bundling your homeowner’s insurance with the same company, your umbrella policy can apply to that property too.

You may protect up to 4 vehicles on your multi-car policy. This discount helps to save money for couples or families living at the same garaging address (the address where you park your vehicles every night). What’s more, the multi-car discount does not need to include another “car.” Some providers will let you add a motorcycle or motor-home to be eligible for the lower price discount. Your insurance agent can tell you which vehicle types you can add, and what sort of discounts you are eligible for.

There are rare circumstances in which bundling might not be the best option, though. Many major companies like to offer bundled discounts because they are large and financially stable enough to cover a variety of different vehicles. However, if someone on your multi-car policy has a poor driving history, and your insurance company is very risk-averse, it could raise rates for everyone. So be sure to talk with your insurance agency to figure out whether a bad apple in your household should be on a multi-car discount with you, or find a special, separate policy for high-risk drivers.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.), an annual coverage review is always a good idea. Compare free quotes now!