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History is full of cities which were born due to good geography, and Davenport is one of those cities. While the US was expanding westward in the 1800’s, Davenport’s location on the Mississippi river made it an important hub for travel, tourism, and trade. To this day, many of these industries are still major players in Davenport.

  • Fun fact:Did you know that Davenport is #4 on the list of “Top 101 cities with the largest wind speed differences during a year (population 50,000+)”? Learn more about Davenport.

Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements in Iowa

Driving legally in Davenport requires:

CoverageRequirementsMost Common
Bodily Injury Liability20,000/40,000100,000/300,000
Property Damage LiabilityNot required100,000/300,000
Uninsured Motorist Bodily InjuryNot required100,000/300,000
Medical PaymentsNot required5,000
CollisionNot required500 deductible
ComprehensiveNot required250 deductible

Unlike most states, Iowa drivers only need Bodily Injury Liability in order to drive legally. However, this coverage only pays for medical expenses if you cause an accident. Literally anything else will be your financial responsibility.

Your average Iowa driver probably pays around $88 per month on their premiums. This is pretty good, but Davenport drivers can get as low as $27/mo* if they know what discounts to look for. Keep reading below to find out what those are.

Average Monthly Auto Insurance Premiums Legend: Davenport State Farm American Family Grinnell Farmers Allstate 5 10 15 20 25 30 $26 $26 $21 $28 $32


American Family and State Farm are currently offering some of the lowest rates available in the Davenport area. However, a low monthly rate doesn’t necessarily mean great customer service or a smooth, easy-to-navigate claims process. Make sure you do plenty of research on your company of choice before you sign on the dotted line.

Auto insurance carriers contemplate different variables when figuring out insurance quotes, including driving experience, where you live, credit score/rating, miles driven each year, and multiple cars and drivers. Additionally, premiums differ from company to company. To verify you’re still being charged the most favorable rate, compare cheap Iowa auto insurance quotes online.

Major Car Insurance Factors in Davenport

There is a number of various things that may factor into the rate quotes you obtain. Although many of these things aren’t actually something you can do something about, a few of them are elements which you can change for the better. Here are a few factors which can alter your car insurance premium:

Your Zip Code

Where you park your car each night will have a major impact on your auto insurance rate. Generally, car insurance is cheaper in rural areas because fewer cars means a smaller chance that you will get into a collision with another vehicle. The population of Davenport is 102,157 and the median household income is $45,034.

Auto Insurance by Zip Code Legend: Des Moines Cedar Rapids Davenport Iowa City Sioux City State Farm American Family Grinnell Farmers Allstate 5 10 15 20 25 30 $25 $21 $26 $19 $27 $27 $21 $26 $19 $25 $27 $21 $21 $19 $26 $28 $23 $28 $23 $26 $32 $30 $32 $29 $33


Automotive Accidents

If you live in a high-traffic area notorious for motor vehicle accidents, it is likely that your monthly premiums will reflect this danger in the form of a higher payment. You can see the fatal accident statistics for Davenport in the chart above. There were only 7 fatalities recorded in 2013, which is very low compared to some areas, but your automotive insurance company may still adjust their rates accordingly.

Fatal Accidents in Davenport, IA Legend: Davenport Fatal accident count Vehicles involved in fatal crashes Fatal crashes involving drunk persons Fatalities Persons involved in fatal crashes Pedestrians involved in fatal accidents 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 6 11 2 7 16


Auto Thefts in Davenport

Finding cheap auto insurance can be difficult if you are at risk for auto theft. Certain popular vehicle models are attractive to thieves, as well as vehicles which are parked often in large cities. The total number of stolen vehicles in Davenport was 239 back in 2013.

Basic vs. Comprehensive Auto Policy Legend: Basic Coverage Comprehensive Coverage State Farm American Family Grinnell Farmers Allstate 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 $26 $67 $26 $85 $21 $122 $28 $76 $32 $108


Your Credit Score

Depending on your credit, a poor score can end up nearly doubling your monthly rate. Luckily, Iowa average insurance rates are fairly low to start with, so it may not break your budget. And there are local providers who still offer low rates, in spite of poor credit.

Auto Insurance by Credit Score Legend: Excellent Credit Poor Credit State Farm American Family Grinnell Farmers Allstate 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 $21 $50 $24 $40 $20 $23 $25 $44 $29 $36


Your Age

The younger you are, and the less experience you have behind the wheel, the more likely you are to get into an accident. However, teenage drivers can reduce some of their insurance costs by looking into good student discounts, as well as taking Drivers Ed and defensive driving courses.

Auto Policy Age Comparison Legend: 34 Year Old 17 Year Old State Farm American Family Grinnell Farmers Allstate 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 $26 $85 $26 $105 $21 Do Not Sell $28 $169 $32 $93


Your Driving Record

The more violations you have on your record, the more likely you are to file a claim – which will lead your provider to charge you higher premiums. But if you have too many citations, or commit a serious violation – such as a DUI – you may lose your coverage all together.

Driving Violations Legend: Perfect Record Minor Speeding Ticket DUI/Reckless Driving Major At-Fault Accident State Farm American Family Grinnell Farmers Allstate 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 $26 $29 $29 $32 $26 $33 $48 $54 $21 $21 Do Not Sell $21 $28 $39 $45 $42 $32 $35 $41 $38


Your Vehicle

Luxury vehicles will cost more to replace, and also require more coverage, hence the extra expense. Less expensive and fairly common cars, however, typically don’t cost as much to insure.

Car Insurance by Make/Model Legend: 2015 Honda Accord 2012 Porsche Boxster Spyder State Farm American Family Grinnell Farmers Allstate 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 $26 $97 $26 $124 $21 $133 $28 $106 $32 $155


Minor Car Insurance Factors in Davenport

The factors below may also have an influence in your monthly premium, although they might be a little harder to control:

Your Marital Status

If you are part of a married couple, there’s good news: you can save money on your automotive insurance policies if you bundle them together. As individuals, however, you won’t save very much being married vs. being single.

Your Gender

Insurance company data shows that there really isn’t a big difference in risk from one gender to another. Most major providers don’t even charge different rates based on gender anymore. However, the few companies that still do only charge about a 2-3% difference. And whether or not that difference punishes males or females largely depends on the company providing the policy.

Your Driving Distance to Work

You can expect to be on the road for about 12-19 minutes each time you commute to and from work in Davenport. Many drivers (as much as 80%) will likely drive to work in their own vehicle. Less than 16% will carpool with one or more co-workers.

If you have your vehicle listed on your insurance policy as a business vehicle, you can expect to pay around 10% more, regardless of how often you drive each year. Total miles driven, as well as your purpose on the road (work/school/pleasure) won’t alter your monthly premiums by more than 1-2%.

Your Coverage and Deductibles

To increase your coverage without breaking the bank, talk to your insurance provider about raising your deductible. This will lower your monthly rates, while making coverage more affordable. Of course, it will also make repairs and costs more expensive if you ever have to file a claim.

Education in Davenport, IA

Many motorists in Davenport have attained at least a high school diploma, while a smaller number of drivers have not yet completed their high school education. If you fall into either of these categories, you’ve probably weighed the pros and cons of higher education. But there is one more benefit to consider: the fact that obtaining a higher education can get you a lower rate on your car insurance. Not even having a fancy job or a rich salary can do that.

Davenport is home to a famous school called The Palmer College of Chiropractic, which offers students the chance to become expert chiropractors. There are also two private, Catholic-affiliated schools known as Marycrest International University and St. Ambrose. Additionally, there are about a dozen different two- and four-year colleges which are located a reasonable driving distance away from the city.

Unfortunately for most insurance companies, a simple internet search can reveal many of their trade secrets. But even with the proper information, it can still be difficult for you as an individual to figure out your risk profile and find low-cost insurance. Make sure you do your due diligence before you commit to your next car insurance policy.

How We Conducted Our Car Insurance Analysis

*We calculated our average rate based on the following metrics: a married, 34 year old male with good credit, a 12-month history of maintaining auto insurance, a clean driving record, who owns his own home. Miles driven annually were based on the national average. The average rate was also calculated based on a financed 2015 Honda Accord with a pre-installed anti-theft device.


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