Jaguar XK: Getting Insured

The gorgeous XK is the most luxurious car Jaguar has to offer. It is available in both coupe form as well as in a convertible. It starts around $84,000, making it an expensive investment. However, you should also consider the costs of owning a car. What will fuel economy be? What will my insurance costs look like on a monthly basis? All of these are questions you should be asking yourself, as expenses don’t just end after a car purchase. Please read on, if you’d like to learn more about Jaguar XK Insurance.

Jaguar XK: Ratings & Reviews

The XK is impressive when you put your foot to the pedal, with its standard 5.0 liter V8. Even more impressive still is the supercharged version of this engine that comes with the XKR trim. Both of these come with an automatic transmission that has paddle shifters if you want it to take an active role in driving the car as with a manual.

XK’s come standard with a long laundry list of features that are sure to impress, and these are some of them: full leather interior, heated and power steering wheel, heated seats, as well as a Bowers and Wilkins audio system. If you opt for the XKR, you’ll get a sportier looking interior, and a more sports-tuned suspension.

All in all the XK is a worthwhile investment that won’t disappoint.

These Companies Offer the Cheapest Jaguar XK Insurance

Jaguar XK: Insurance Costs

Insurance costs for luxury cars are usually rather expensive, so let’s see about lowering the number on your premium, shall we?

One of the biggest factors that affect insurance rates is driving records. By simply being responsible behind the wheel, you could see an adequate reduction in your monthly premium. As a lower risk client, insurers will generally reward you with savings.

Another way that you could lower your insurance premium is by taking a hard look at your policy and deciding whether you need all that coverage. Perhaps you’ve had the same policy for five years, do the levels of coverage in there still make sense for you?

For example, if you haven’t had an accident in a couple of years, you might consider raising the deductible on your collision and comprehensive. You would be responsible for more upfront costs in the event of an accident, but the silver lining is that you wouldn’t be paying as much money on a monthly basis.

Jaguar XK: Safety Features

Safety features can help lower your premium, and the Jaguar XK comes equipped with the following features:

  • Airbags (Front, side, rear)
  • Stability Control
  • Anti Lock Brakes
  • Seatbelt Pretensioners
  • Anti-Whiplash Restraints
  • Security Alarm System

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