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Cheap Tulsa, OK auto insurance is $167 per month, which is higher than the U.S. average. The cheapest auto insurance rates in Tulsa are in the ZIP code 74131, while 74110 has the most expensive car insurance rates by ZIP code in Tulsa. To get cheap Tusa auto insurance, you'll need policy discounts, which can save at least $535 on your Tulsa auto insurance policy. Enter your ZIP code to compare affordable Tulsa, OK car insurance rates from top auto insurance companies in Tulsa, OK.

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A brief overview...

  • Auto insurance companies evaluate annual rates differently.
  • Tulsa, OK, auto insurance rates are higher than the national average.
  • You can save hundreds on auto insurance based on age, credit history, and driving record.
  • Tulsa's commute time is shorter than the national average.

The cost of living in Tulsa is much lower than both the average for the state of Oklahoma and the national average. However, Oklahoma's average for auto insurance is cheaper than auto insurance in Tulsa.

How can you receive cheap car insurance in Tulsa, OK? Continue reading to learn what factors will lead you to auto insurance savings.

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Are Tulsa Auto Insurance Rates Affordable?

Believe it or not, Tulsa, Oklahoma basic coverage auto insurance is affordable.

Basic coverage types are liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

When basic coverage types are combined, they are known as full coverage. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Oklahoma's annual full coverage rate is $1,014 per year or $85 per month.

Full coverage from companies is much more expensive than base coverage rates. Why? Base coverage rates are parts of auto insurance without the factors to determine rates.

The average rates in the following sections will be based on averages from companies in Tulsa.

Do age and gender affect my auto insurance rates in Tulsa?

Age and gender play a big part in auto insurance. Single and younger drivers will pay more for coverage due to their inexperience.

Parents can get cheap auto insurance in Tulsa, OK through policy discounts. Let's examine auto insurance rates based on age and gender to see why parents should do everything they can to get policy discounts for teen drivers.

Tulsa, OK Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Age, Gender, and Marital Status
Age, Gender, Marital StatusAverage Annual Rates
Married 60-year old female$2,708
Married 60-year old male$2,893
Married 35-year old female$2,965
Married 35-year old male$3,016
Single 25-year old female$3,214
Single 25-year old male$3,383
Single 17-year old female$9,961
Single 17-year old male$11,090
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Teen car insurance in Tulsa, OK is between $9,900 and $11,100 per year. Older and married drivers pay between $2,708 to $3,016 per year.

What ZIP codes have the cheapest auto insurance rates in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Tulsa has several ZIP codes, and all of them carry different rates for auto insurance. Urban and suburban areas tend to have more expensive rates, while rural areas have more affordable rates. Let's look at some of Tulsa's ZIP codes to determine which areas are the cheapest.

Tulsa, OK Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by ZIP Code
Tulsa ZIP CodesAverage Annual Rates
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The most expensive ZIP code in Tulsa is 74110, an urban area with retail businesses and residents. ZIP code 74131 is a rural area where the Turner Turnpike toll road goes right through the city. Campsites, a golf club, and a youth center ranch are in 74131.

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Which companies have the best auto insurance rates in Tulsa?

Finding cheap auto insurance in Tulsa can be difficult. Most of the average annual rates are more expensive than NAIC's full coverage projections, which you've seen with auto insurance rates based on age, gender, location, and marital status. For the other sub-sections below, we'll concentrate on annual rates from the top companies in Tulsa.

What Are the Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates by Company?

Annual rates for companies are different for each city and state. When you move from one city or state to another, your auto insurance might increase. Let's look at the annual rates of the top auto insurance companies in Tulsa, OK.

Tulsa, OK Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Company
CompaniesAverage Rates for a Married 60-Year-Old FemaleAverage Rates for a Married 60-Year-Old MaleAverage Rates for a QMarried 35-Year-Old FemaleAverage Rates for a Married 35-Year-Old MaleAverage Rates for a Single 25-Year-Old FemaleAverage Rates for a Single 25-Year-Old MaleAverage Rates for a Single 17-Year-Old FemaleAverage Rates for a Single 17-Year-Old Male
State Farm$1,943$1,943$2,182$2,182$2,311$2,616$6,144$7,711
Liberty Mutual$4,531$4,968$5,161$5,463$5,366$5,557$15,561$17,154
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Liberty Mutual is the most expensive auto insurance company in Tulsa, whereas State Farm is the cheapest. Drivers who are 25 years old and older spend significantly less on auto insurance.

What is the Best Auto Insurance Company for Commute Rates?

Driving your car less can get you access to cheaper auto insurance rates. Licensed drivers in Oklahoma drive about 18,891 miles per year. The more you are expected to drive, the higher the risk for an accident.

Auto insurance companies will often ask about the purpose of your vehicle. Pleasure vehicles are usually driven less and produce cheaper rates, while everyday commute vehicles have more expensive rates. The following table shows how much auto insurance companies charge based on annual commute mileage.

Tulsa, OK Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Commute
CompaniesAverage Rates for
10 Miles Commute
6,000 Annual Mileage
Average Rates for
25 Miles Commute
12,000 Annual Mileage
State Farm$3,322 $3,436
USAA$3,549 $3,635
Geico$3,957 $4,102
Progressive$6,156 $6,156
Liberty Mutual$7,970 $7,970
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Allstate, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive don't issue higher rates if you drive more or less. Geico, State Farm, and USAA, on the other hand, do offer cheaper rates if you drive your vehicle less.

What is the Best Auto Insurance Company for Coverage Level Rates?

Oklahoma auto insurance minimum requirements are $25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person per accident, $50,000 for bodily injury or death of multiple people per accident, and $25,000 for property damage per accident.

Coverage rules are abbreviated numbers that represent the coverage limits of insurance.

For example, Oklahoma's minimum requirements would be written as 25/50/25 as a coverage rule.

The minimum requirements are a low coverage level, but higher policy limits will give you more on policy limits. Medium coverage levels are typically 50/100/50, while high coverage levels are 100/300/100.

More coverage limits mean you will spend more on auto insurance per year. Let's examine auto insurance rates based on coverage levels.

Tulsa, OK Average Annual Auto Insurance Annual Rates by Coverage Level
CompaniesAverage Rates with Low CoverageAverage Rates with Medium CoverageAverage Rates with High Coverage
State Farm$3,155$3,359$3,623
Liberty Mutual$7,527$7,941$8,442
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Low coverage rates have the cheapest auto insurance rates per year. If you're going for higher coverage limits, ask about policy discounts to save money.

What is the Best Auto Insurance Company for Credit History Rates?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, people with excellent credit have a better chance of receiving better deals from lenders, businesses, and auto insurance companies. Therefore, auto insurance companies will issue cheaper auto insurance rates to drivers with good credit and more expensive rates for drivers with fair or poor credit.

Auto insurance statistics show drivers with fair and poor credit have a higher chance to file a claim than drivers with good credit. Here are the annual rates based on credit history.

Tulsa, OK Average Annual Auto Insurance Annual Rates by Credit History
CompaniesAverage Rates with Good CreditAverage Rates with Fair CreditAverage Rates with Poor Credit
State Farm$2,414$3,008$4,715
Liberty Mutual$5,487$7,013$11,409
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See how good credit can save you money and help with affordable auto insurance in Tulsa, OK? Drivers with poor and fair credit have auto insurance rates that are thousands of dollars more expensive than drivers with excellent credit. However, you may be eligible for other discounts, which decrease your annual rates on your auto insurance policy.

What is the Best Car Insurance for Driving Record Rates?

Tulsa car insurance companies will look back 36 months to see if you've had any driving violations. Parking violations shouldn't have any effect on your auto insurance rate, but DUIs and speeding tickets do.

Accidents are reviewed through the claims you've made in the past with other insurance companies. Auto insurance companies issue annual rates based on driving records differently. Take a look at how the top insurance companies in Tulsa issue rates.

Tulsa, OK Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Records
CompaniesAverage Rates with a Clean RecordAverage Rates with 1 AccidentAverage Rates with 1 DUIAverage Rates with 1 Speeding Violation
State Farm$3,101$3,656$3,379$3,379
Liberty Mutual$5,311$9,023$10,189$7,357
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State Farm is lenient on drivers who have a DUI because the speeding violation increase is the same as the DUI conviction increase. All other auto insurance companies increase their rates the most when a driver has a DUI on their driving record.

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What affects auto insurance rates in Tulsa?

We've talked about how rural and urban areas have different auto insurance rates, but other details will determine insurance. For instance, road conditions and traffic congestion can determine how much you'll pay for vehicle operating costs. Vehicle thefts in an area can also determine comprehensive coverage rates.

Continue reading to learn more about how these additional factors can affect your auto insurance.

What Are the Tulsa, Oklahoma Road Conditions?

Tripnet reports road conditions of popular metro areas around the United States. Tulsa happens to be one of the popular cities in the western United States. Let's look at the road shares in Tulsa.

  • Poor Share: 36 percent
  • Mediocre Share: 37 percent
  • Fair Share: 6 percent
  • Good Share: 21 percent

The majority of Tulsa's roads are in poor or mediocre condition. Vehicle operating costs (VOCs) in Tulsa are $898.

VOC is the cost of a driver will spend on vehicles, such as fuel, repairs, maintenance, tires, and other related costs.

Road conditions can be more problematic if the weather conditions are not favorable. Watch this news report on how complicated a drive could be during flooding.

Check your vehicle for Anti-Lock Brake systems (ABS), which may be able to save you money on auto insurance. ABS can also help you from hydroplaning on wet roads.

Vehicle Theft in Tulsa

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Tulsa had 3,259 motor vehicle thefts in 2018.

How safe are vehicles in Tulsa? Neighborhood Scout reports annual crimes in United States cities. Before we look at the crime statistics, let's look at the ten safest neighborhoods in Tulsa, according to Neighborhood Scout.

  1. S Delaware Ave / E 101st St
  2. E 111Th St / S Yale Ave
  3. Oral Roberts U / S Lewis Ave
  4. E 101st St / S Norwood Ave
  5. E 81st St / S Harvard Ave
  6. E 41st St / S 193rd East Ave
  7. S Harvard Ave / E 36th St
  8. S Utica Ave / E 31st St
  9. Gray / Kengle
  10. E 81st St / S Yale Ave

Crime statistics, especially property crimes, could mean more comprehensive coverage claims. Comprehensive coverage pays for damage from vehicle theft. Areas where vehicle theft is likely to occur will have higher auto insurance rates.

Here's a summary of the crime statistics in Tulsa.

Tulsa, OK Crime Statistics
Crime SummaryCrime Statistics
Number of Violent Crimes4,295
Number of Property Crimes21,958
Violent Crime Rate Per 1,000 Residents10.72
Property Crime Rate Per 1,000 Residents54.8
Crime Index1
Chances to Become a Victim in a Violent Crime1 IN 93
Chances to Become a Victim in a Property Crime1 IN 18
Chances to Become a Victim in a Violent Crime in OK1 IN 215
Chances to Become a Victim in a Property in OK1 IN 35
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The crime index of Tulsa is one, where 100 is rated as the safest. Neighborhood Scout's data also shows that you're more likely to become a victim of property crime than a violent crime.

Is Tulsa, Oklahoma safe? According to the statistics, it's not safer than most cities. However, there are certainly safe places to live.

How is Traffic Congestion in Oklahoma?

Tulsa is recognized as a major metro area in Oklahoma. Inrix has recorded Tulsa as one of the most congested cities in the United States. Check out Inrix's stats on Tulsa.

Tulsa, OK Traffic Statistics
Tulsa Traffic ConditionsTraffic Statistics
Most Congested City in the Country166th
Most Congested City in the World788th
Driving time spent in congestion in 201910 Hrs
Cost of congestion per driver$148
Inner-city last-mile speed22 MPH
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Inner-city travel appears to be moderate since the speed limit on most residential streets is about 25 miles per hour. Part of the congestion is due to Tulsa's population. If you don't live far from work, consider using public transportation to cut down on vehicle costs.

Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report

Every year, Allstate records which cities have the best drivers and places them on a national ranking list. In 2019, Tulsa moved up 13 spots to claim 51st place on Allstate America's Best Drivers report.

How is traffic in Tulsa?

Although Tulsa has over 400,000 people living in the city, the commute time is less than the average national commute time.

According to Data USA, Tulsa's commute time for employed drivers is 18 minutes. About 81 percent of working drivers prefer to drive alone. Ten percent of drivers carpool and three percent worked from home.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Tulsa, OK Auto Insurance

Now that you know more about auto insurance in Tulsa, let's explore some frequently asked questions that appear on search engines across the internet. Learn more about auto insurance in other areas around the United States by visiting our main page.

#1 – Who has the cheapest car insurance in Oklahoma?

According to several reports across the web, State Farm has the cheapest auto insurance in Oklahoma.

#2 – Is Liberty Mutual cheaper than Geico?

Liberty Mutual is more expensive than Geico in most states. In Tulsa, Geico is about $3,000 cheaper than Liberty Mutual.

#3 – Who has the cheapest car insurance?

USAA, Geico, and State Farm are usually the cheapest companies in the United States.

#4 – Which car has the cheapest insurance in Ontario?

The Toyota Prius C Hybrid Automatic has the cheapest auto insurance in Ontario, OK.

#5 – How can I get super cheap insurance?

The cheapest auto insurance available is through policy discounts. Certain conditions can ensure lower auto insurance rates, such as a clean driving record, good credit, and vehicle with safety features.

#6 – Does Oklahoma have low-income car insurance?

No. California, Hawaii, and New Jersey are the only states with state-sponsored auto insurance options.

#7 - What are some popular things to do in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Tulsa has several museums, parks, and festivals that attract tourists each year.

#8 - What is the weather like in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Tulsa has hot temperatures during the summer and mild winters.

#9 - Is auto insurance cheaper when you make a down payment?

Yes. If you make a down payment at the start of an auto insurance policy, your monthly rate will be cheaper. It's an ideal method to get cheap insurance for a bad driving record.

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