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Company Overview

Liberty Mutual has been insuring customers since 1912, making the current year the company’s centenary year. During the last century, Liberty has provided a growing range of policies to suit the needs of a changing society. This is one reason why they are a Fortune 500 company, and one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States.

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Business

One area of business that has changed tremendously since 1912 is automobile insurance. Cars have become more prevalent in society since that time, and more powerful. At the same time, manufacturers have found ways to make them safer too. Meanwhile, Liberty Mutual has been adapting its policies to keep up with industry changes while also managing to be competitive. There are many kinds of insurance policies including group, commercial, and personal automobile insurance.

Consumers know that the biggest potential liability to emerge from a car accident is the cost of compensating someone harmed due to their mistakes on the road. These can lead to million-dollar lawsuits as the victims seek repayment for medical bills and other costs. Liberty provides liability insurance, as well as policies for drivers who are victims of uninsured or underinsured drivers. If the driver responsible for damage to your car, lost wages, and medical bills is unable to pay, then you will still be covered by Liberty Mutual.

Why Choose Liberty Mutual?

What sets a good insurance company apart from a great one? Apart from competitive pricing and discounts, it is the convenience factor that consumers look for. Liberty unerringly provides this. There are several ways to set up a policy: by phone, in person, online, or through a broker.

Customers can pay for their 12-month guaranteed plans in full or in regular installments. Make payments by mail or have them automatically deducted from your bank account. Access your account online to keep a record of payments.

Opt for the addition of a ‘new car replacement’ clause that will see your wrecked vehicle replaced by a brand new one in the event of an accident. If you cannot use your car because it is in the mechanic’s shop awaiting repairs, take advantage of unlimited rental coverage to keep you on the road. Perhaps the best offer Liberty makes to clients is ‘accident forgiveness’: your price will not go up after your first accident.

Discounts and Benefits

In a successful effort to remain competitive, Liberty offers lots of ways to save. You could be a student with her first car, maintaining good grades at school (B’s or better), and you will qualify for a discount. Manage to avoid making any claims for several years and pay less for insurance. Choose a vehicle that is deemed particularly safe and comes with an air bag, anti-theft items, and other safety features to save even more money.

Commercial clients will earn rebates if they insure their cars as a fleet. There are also discounts for policy holders who choose Liberty as their insurer for more than just automobile insurance. Select one or more of their other personal and commercial insurance packages to see the final figure reduced further.

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